Tuesday, May 14, 2013

With Friends Like Morgan Whitaker

Just as two new scandals (Benghazi and IRS vs Tea party) are roiling Obama's public image, one of Obama's friends (Ms. Morgan Whitaker, a producer of Al Sharpton's show) writes a round-up article listing seven other scandals that the mainstream media managed to protect Obama from.Only three of the seven seem significant to me.

Of course, that was about 20 minutes before the mainstream media found out that the Justice Department was glomming AP phone records for some kind of leak investigation.

My reactions to Obama Scandal Number Ten?:

First, it will be interesting to see if the new AP scandal turns out to be related to Number Four on Morgan's list, a National Security leak from the Obama White House that resulted in the appointment of two independent prosecutors.

Second, it will be interesting to see if the new AP scandal becomes Obama's KAL Flight 007. For those of you who are under 30, KAL007 was the incident in 1983 when a Soviet jet shot down a passenger airliner that had strayed several miles off course, and then teh Soviets refused to let rescue crews search for survivors in the frigid ocean. Russia actually faked a search while interfering with the US and Korean searchs.

Almost all the top journalists and news anchors of the day knew someone on board that plane, and some of them occasionally flew the same route. The Soviet bear stopped looking so cuddly to ABC, NBC and CBS (which is all the networks there were), so the media stopped snickering so much at President Reagan's "Evil Empire" rhetoric, and actually had to rethink its reflexive positions.

As a side benefit, President Reagan made GPS available for civilian use, to prevent airplanes from going so far off course again. That's right, the only reason your car and your phone know exactly where you are, is because Russia shot down a passenger jet in 1983, and thereby ensured Reagan's reelection!

So the question is, will the mainstream media wake up and smell the corruption? Or will it decide to stuff the covers back in its ears? I's bet for the covers, otherwise remorse and cognitive dissonance would make their heads explode.

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